Gas station / Convenience store / Takeout / Income apartments

Asking price: $1,675,000

Reason for sale: Professional reorientation

Business information

  • Land area: 6,274 ft2 
  • Building area: 2,604 ft2
  • Year of acquisition: 2000
  • Year established: 1996
  • Full-time employees: 2
  • Part-time employees: 2

Financial information

  • Annual sales: $4,000,799
  • Monthly payroll: $3,338
  • EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization): $99,514
  • Assets included in the sale:

    land, building, inventory, supplies, furniture, equipment, goodwill

This New Brunswick-based family business was founded in 1996 and has been operating successfully ever since. It is in northern New Brunswick, in the heart of the Chaleur Region. The company is in the city’s heart, on a main thoroughfare, giving it high visibility.


It is a business that generates income through its various activities, namely the gas station, the convenience store, the takeout restaurant, the income apartments, and the taxi stand.


The space in the convenience store is optimized so that customers can find everything they need. It has four main departments: fresh produce, groceries, beverages, and non-food products with high turnover (cleaning, drugstore, toiletries, hardware, etc.). In addition to these departments, customers can also find pet products and some over-the-counter drugs. The store is also licensed to sell tobacco and is affiliated with Atlantic Lottery. An ATM (automated teller machine) has been installed at the entrance to the convenience store to provide customers with the best possible service.


The service station is equipped with eight gas pumps. The service station is of course equipped with an automatic tank gauging system. This system optimizes fuel inventory management.


As for the takeout restaurant, it’s an Asian takeout known and appreciated by the community. In addition to dishes, it offers some trendy and much-loved desserts such as bubble tea and mochi. The restaurant is also referenced on a popular catering platform with a large audience.


Finally, the company rents out two-bedroom apartments, as well as a taxi stand.


One of the company’s great strengths is that all the services offered to customers are located in a single building, with a single address. The building is well-maintained. The entire outdoor area is paved. The building also has a parking lot for up to 20 cars.


Over the years, the company has built up a loyal customer base. And thanks to its strategic location, it can also count on passenger customers.


The future buyer can consider many development opportunities. He could develop delivery formulas by combining the convenience store’s products with those of the restaurant or introduce a drive-thru service for station customers.


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