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    Business Broker
    More than just a consultant
    a Business Broker assists you in all phases
    related to the sale or purchase of your company
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    in the transfer of enterprises
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    Our Mandate to sell or buy
    Take advantage of our expertise

CANADEST Business Brokers Inc.

We serve the Maritimes, Quebec, and Ontario provinces. Our consultants speak fluently French and English.


Discover Canadest Inc.

Doing business with a Business Broker to sell or buy a business is advantageous

The role of a Business Broker

The Business Broker creates the necessary arrangements and environments to assist entrepreneurs who want to sell or buy a business. It is the specialist in the transfer of the undertakings. It coordinates the activity from the beginning to the end so that everything is done in harmony. It is the guide and advise the seller and buyer throughout the process until the end of the transaction.

For the Seller

  • Provide an alternative to "Baby Boomers" who want to retire.
  • Provide our services to those who wish to sell their business and want to do another project.
  • Plan an exit strategy in the transfer or in the sale of the company.
  • Coordinate and take over the process of the business transfer and manages it.
  • Find a qualified and ideal buyer for your business.

For the Buyer

  • Find the ideal company to match your passion and interests.
  • Ensure the financial health of the company that will be proposed.
  • Provide our services to support the new buyer in his objectives for the acquisition (Due Diligence).
  • Provide support in their funding application procedures with financial institutions or investors.
  • Ensure a smooth transfer in the management transfer of the company.

We make every effort to ensure that the sale, transfer or purchase of your Business complies with the rules of the laws governing the province to which your company is subject.

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