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Business for sale in New Brunswick

Selling a business: it is an adventure. It is important to be well supported in order to navigate comfortably through all of the steps that lead to the final transaction. At Canadest, we make sure to accompany you throughout the process so that your business for sale in New Brunswick get the right buyer.

A successful transaction

What is a successful transaction? This is when the buyer and seller are both happy about getting a good deal. It is when you feel proud and comfortable to the idea of giving the reins of your business for sale to the buyer who will take your place. This is when you are convinced that you received fair market value for your business.

We train our advisors to assist you in tax, financial and legal issues, as well as aspects in all stages of the transaction for the sale of your business. We evaluate the value of your business for sale in New Brunswick; we assist you in finding an interested buyer and we present when it's time to negotiate the different aspects of the agreement. Thus, we are able to get a document that contains drivers of profitability, growth and efficiency of your business for sale in New Brunswick, presenting your business to potential buyers.

We care about your satisfaction and prosperity of your business long term. That is why we look at all the costs; we verify that the buyer has a similar vision as yours and that he understands your business strategy. We know that you give special significance to his passion and skills, and this is why this is a part of our concerns.

Visibility & Confidentially

We have a vast network of contacts in New Brunswick and other provinces of the Atlantic, in Canada and even internationally with immigrants who are interested in acquiring a company. This allows us to join several potential buyers and improve the visibility of your business for sale in New Brunswick. Furthermore, we always keep in mind the importance of confidentiality in the process of selling your business. It is for this reason that no one will know your intentions before the completed transaction.

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