Camille McLaughlin

Chartered Business Broker - Founding President

Canadest Business Broker Inc.

Camille McLaughlin was born and raised in Tracadie, New Brunswick. Father and grandfather, his son and daughter now live in Quebec.


He graduated from the University of Moncton in Business Administration (BBA) with specialization in accounting. His visionary quality leads him to complete two master’s degrees in public administration is (MAP) and in education (MEd).


He began his career as a manager in post-secondary education at community colleges. Attracted by entrepreneurship, he managed different Businesses including restaurants and a training company to adults in parallel with his career in education. Camille was able to share with this entrepreneurial dynamism flame with peers as a consultant and his students for both university and college through mentoring and as a teacher.


With its licensed real estate agent in New Brunswick, he was appointed Senior Business Analyst (SBA) with the International Society for business analysis and approved by Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (CMEA). He became Certified Specialist in business transfers (CBTS) and Certified Business intermediary (CBI) making him the only bilingual licensed business broker in the Atlantic provinces.


Still very active in the business since 2011, he has developed expertise in the brokerage business, which allows it to be active in that field on the provincial, national and international.


Mr. McLaughlin provides expertise to entrepreneurs hoping to sell, transfer or acquire a business. As a consultant, he is committed to prepare and establish the fair market value (FMV) of the Business under the transaction.


Camille Mr. McLaughlin is the President and Founder of CANADEST BUSINESS BROKERS INC. and offers its brokerage services to small and medium enterprises located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Quebec and Ontario.