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Business For Sale

CANADEST provides valuable assistance to entrepreneurs wishing to proceed with the sale of their business.

Experienced and attentive, our consultants offer their skills to help you get the right price from the sale or your business, to properly doing the business valuation is critical before to put on the market and to ensure the transfer to the new owner. Our consultants will also prepare you for the negotiation process, and to plan an exit strategy for you.

Confidential Services

One of the biggest advantages of our association in the process of your business for sale is that our services are strictly confidential. Consequently, when you use our services, none of your employees, suppliers, or customers will be made aware of the sale of your business until the transaction is completed. This allows you to maintain a relationship of trust with them and to avoid creating a sense of uncertainty that could affect your activities.

Extensive Networking

Another advantage of dealing with us regarding a business for sale is our extensive networking. Indeed, we have various strategies to reach a large pool of buyers at the provincial, national, and international levels. So you can be sure that a vast network of entrepreneurs and investors will deliberate over your business for sale, while you remain protected by our privacy policy.

Ensuring the Prosperity of your Business

At the time of your business is for sale, we take care of all the stages step by step. We doing the business valuation at the fair market value of your business and ensure that you get a price that reflects the work you have put into it.

We represent your interests in relation to the stakeholders, take the inventory, prepare a list of machinery and equipment, create the business plan, and ensure that your business changes hands according to the rules.

Our mission is to contribute to the prosperity of the companies that are entrusted to us by finding buyers who are not only qualified, but also passionate about the businesses they acquire.

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We serve the Maritimes, Quebec, and Ontario provinces. Our consultants speak both French & English languages.

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