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Business for sale in Quebec

You own a business in Quebec and you are thinking of selling it.
Trust the team of Canadest professional advisors to help you in the sale process so that the transition runs smoothly.

A turnkey service

Selling your business requires good planning to ensure you get the right value. We trained our advisors to assist you in all stages of the sale, that is, from evaluating the Business Valuation for the sale (determining the true value of the business) to the final transaction with the buyer. We are able to advise you in all aspects that affect the sale of your business, be it legal, financial or tax issues.

To facilitate the transaction, we take the time to present to potential buyers the factors of profitability, growth and efficiency of your business for sale in Quebec as well as your business strategy. We then assist you in the negotiation process (which concerns both the price of your business for sale, an asset sale or a share sale), and the preparation of all the details of the transaction.

Our goal: that you get a fair price for the company that you took years to build and that we ensure a succession so that your efforts do not go out with your estate. To ensure a smooth business transfer, we want the acquirer to be as passionate about your business selling in Quebec as you were in the early days, and to have a long-term vision similar to yours.

We have a large directory of companies to sell in Quebec, but also a good network of contacts that allows us to put forward your business, to ensure good visibility for potential buyers and to ensure the success of the sale. Our network extends throughout Quebec, Canada and internationally, with immigrants wishing to acquire a business.


One of the big challenges of selling a business is to make sure that the transaction remains confidential until it is official. We make it a point of honour to ensure that this is respected so that we do not have to suffer the repercussions of information leakage that could affect the performance of the company. Employees, suppliers and customers will not be aware of your intentions until the transaction is complete.

TRUST CANADEST - we will find the ideal buyer for your business for sale in Quebec

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